New Video: Mass Of Man – Victims (@MassOfMan)

Mass of Man is a fast-rising star known for his dark imagery and uncensored approach in his music. Continuing to establish his presence, Mass of Man unveils his most dark and intense video today in-support of the new single, “Victims”. Directed by Jim Foster, Mass of Man touches on one of America’s most tragic and sickening acts of violence in mass shootings. Addressing the point-of-view from not only the lives taken but the broken shooter.

The video re-enacts a mass shooting. Its unapologetic, uncensored, raw, not for the faint of heart but a must-see video. The video addresses many of unanswered questions that arise in every incident involving mass shootings.

Controversial, Mass of Man is hoping the new video will help shed light on how serious of an issue bullying is, and how emotionally detrimental it can be for young people. Not the first time the recording artist has used powerful images in a music video to drive home the emotionally charged message of his music. Mass of Man turned to songwriting in High School as a form of therapy dealing with being bullied.

“Victims” is produced by the talented OH NO! ØKTAPUS. “Victims” follow up Mass of Man’s previous singles, “Fallen Angel”, “Stay Alive”, and “Brave”.

“Victims” is available on all major streaming services via own imprint. For more on Mass of Man, follow the rising star today via Instagram for up-to-the-minute news.