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Block Dwellerz Ft Joe Gifted – Money High (Produced by Slab Traxz) (@DaBlockDwellerz)

Brockton, Mass group Block Dwellerz just dropped an energy laced commercial banger “Money High”. Just is a hustlers anthem so get familiar:

In 2007, Block Dwellerz, a hip hop/rap group composed of the four talented artists Wifi Connectz, C lo, Conflict and Yh (Young Henchman) was formed in Brockton, famously known as the City of Champions. Under no management, Block Dwellerz’s gifted Mizzery, responsible for constructing their distinct beats and melodies, has earned his label as the groups producer. Associated with Mass Affiliated, Upnorth Records, Famtyze Ent, DeadEyez, Ju Pesci, M.Pire, Genius, Cripstadon etc. Block Dwellerz has built alliances with local artist and labels in the community through its many collaborations. The group has launched two successful mix tapes to date titled, Making History Vol.1 and the newly released Lost & Found Vol.1, with the hopes of soon dropping Lost & Found Vol.2 in the near by future. Side projects such as filming music videos, working on a New Years mixtape, and establishing a Block Dwellerz clothing line are a few of many works in progress. Created and hosted by Block Dwellerz, Air Wave 508 is an online radio station that gives local artists the opportunity to feature their talents, unique style, creativity, and ambitions for the music industry in a supportive atmosphere. Block Dwellerz’s radio station, Air Wave 508, was designed to support those who contribute to music Wave and help create a fan base as well as provide none stop music to serve the community with the latest in today’s and yesterday’s hottest tracks. The group has come a long way, and continues to strive for success using their resources, abilities, and skills in the best way possible, doing whatever it takes to pave their way to the top.


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