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Doctor Partners With His Esthetician Wife to Launch Holistic Skincare Brand

Olunife Ofomata, an expert Aesthetician, and her husband, Dr. Johnson Ofomata, founders of a Black-owned holistic skincare brand called Sweeter Juice Skin, have reimagined skincare to offer first-of-its-kind Inner + Outer Beauty Systems. These rituals combine the synergy of identical superstar ingredients in both the internal and topical product sets within each system for maximum benefits, optimal skin health, and results.

These systems offer the best of both worlds for a holistic approach to skincare. The key ingredients include hibiscus, moringa, sea moss, acai berries, black seed oil, and a superstar ingredient that they are keeping a top secret before its release.

Beauty nutrition starts from the inside. Undesirable skin issues noticeable on our skin are often associated with what’s going on inside our bodies. Each of Sweeter Juice Skin’s Inner + Outer Beauty Systems contain a set of products that target a specific solution for detoxing, balancing, reversing signs of aging, increasing glow and hydration. Each person can choose a system customizable for their skin needs. Types of inner beauty products include herbal teas, superfood powders, boosts, liquid drops, and soon-to-come gummy bears. Types of outer products include facial cleaners, toners, masks, serums, and butters. These products come in well-curated systems, or sets, featuring the same key ingredient per set.Sweeter Juice Skin’s Inner and Outer Beauty Skin Sets are formulated with clean, vegan ingredients that are melanin-friendly, sustainably sourced, and have ancestral origins. Mrs. and Dr. Ofomata are originally from Nigeria, where some of their hero ingredients originate.

“I have fond memories of my grandmother lathering me in cocoa and shea butter while giving me my favorite treats from her shop. Those memories inspire the products we develop today,” Olunife states.

Ancient methods of caring for internal health and skin health have always included herbal plants that had miraculous benefits for internal and external needs. Inspired by ancient remedies and her grandmother, Olunife and her husband sought to create a holistic skincare brand.

They started by creating Sweeter Score, a snapshot of what these key superstar ingredients are capable of when it comes to skin health and nutrition. Each scorecard contains information about each ingredient’s origin, where it’s cultivated, the different skin concerns it addresses, what skin type it would benefit, whether it’s melanin-friendly, and more.

The founders of Sweeter Juice Skin also advocate for the “Forgotten Farmer”, seeking to remedy the lack of support and equitable pay for their labor and resources that African and Black American farmers are experiencing by refocusing the advocacy from fair trade practices to attaining abundant lifestyles for these farmers. Olunife comes from a lineage of cocoa farmers, who have experienced the unfair conditions oppressing farmers.

The skincare couple is also advocating for the “Forgotten Face” by ensuring statistically relevant skin-of-color representation in their product clinical trials, and by pioneering research on lesser-known ancient ingredients to prove the effectiveness of their benefits on diverse skin tones. Olunife and Dr. Johnson are reimagining skincare to focus on a holistic and synergistic approach; beauty from the inside out, just like their ancestors did it.

For more details and/or to make a purchase online, visit SweeterJuiceSkin.com or follow the brand on Instagram @sweeterjuiceskin

News Source: BlackBusinesscom / Written Credits: BlackBusinesscom Staff

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