Can you reserve a Front Cover or advertising for a specific month down the line?
Do you accept deposits towards Front Covers to reserve it for a future month?
How many days do I have to take care of my invoice after I was billed? 
NET 10 Day Terms from invoice date.
Will pricing listed above stay the same for each issue throughout the 2021 Year?
No. We run promotional specials monthly. Prices are subject to go higher and fluctuate.
If I advertise with Stardom will I get a free copy?
All inside advertisers will receive one free digital download copy that’s included with their Full Page Ad Purchase. Only Cover Packages include one free digital copy and hard print copies that’s specified in their purchase selected.
How will the Front Cover information, Q&A Interviews and Advertising get done? 
All information and content will be processed via email communication.
Besides email, what other ways of communication are available? 
We have a Text landline available 24/7 due to our high call volume for customer support and concerns 1-(804)800-STAR (7827)
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