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Chef Makes History, Triples Orders of All-Natural Soul Food Seasoning Mix, From 3,000 to 10,000 Bottles

Meet Darren Campbell, a chef entrepreneur from Charleston, South Carolina who is the founder and CEO of Palmetto Blend, a Black-owned soul food seasoning product that offers an authentic taste to food with no artificial preservatives.

Palmetto Blend is a premium seasoning mix that combines the perfect measurements of seven all Natural spices that bring out the flavor in everything you cook. Darren grew up eating in his grandmother’s kitchen. He recalls on Fridays when his grandma would cook fish and red rice dinners to raise money for the church. People would be lined up to get some of that home-cooked flavor.

Palmetto Blend seasoning follows the rich Gullah tradition of making food with love by providing customers with a taste of southern soul in a bottle. Darren comments, “Whether it’s seafood, meats, or vegetables, your taste buds will be dazzled by the flavors that my seasoning mix unleashes in your foods.” Customers can purchase online via our website or from one of the 20 locations in and around Charleston SC. Last year, we partnered with a co-packer to handle the increasing demand. Since then, Palmetto Blend has tripled in orders from 3,000 bottles to 10,000 bottles and is posed to go national in 2023.

Chef Darren has been cooking up delicious meals for over two decades and is well­ known for the rice dishes that he makes during family gatherings. He comments, “Growing up in Charleston, SC allowed me the chance to enjoy real Gullah and southern dishes.” He is also the author of Charleston’s Gullah Recipes Cookbook which features 50 favorite family recipes. These recipes emphasize Charleston’s fresh seafood such as Shrimp and Grits and tasty desserts such as Sweet Potato Pie, along with traditional Sunday dinner favorites such as Collard Greens with Fried Chicken and Macaroni and Cheese.

The Gullah people cooked with local ingredients that they grew in the field, caught from the river, and brought over from Africa. Charleston’s Gullah Recipes satisfies the hunger for authentic, easy-to-prepare Southern dishes. Palmetto Blend and Charleston’s Gullah Recipes are adding depth to Southern flavor.

For more details and/or to buy the product, visit PalmettoBlend.com

News Source: BlackBusinesscom / Written Credits: BlackBusinesscom Staff

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