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Yung Honcho Releases New Single “Tony Hawk’”

Yung Honcho grew up in Plainfield, New Jersey but has spent most of his time in Newark, New Jersey’s Southward section, otherwise known as the Jungle .. or Brick City.  He has been making music since he was very young, and counts Lil Wayne as an early inspiration. 

In addition to GoodBreed Slim (responsible for production on “Tony Hawk”), Yung Honcho has worked with Jersey City up-and-comer Albee Al on their single “Honcho”. Honcho was exposed to violence from an early age, when his mother was shot six times by his stepfather, who committed suicide soon afterwards.  

These events led Honcho down a dangerous path towards trouble and the streets, culminating in his own five year prison sentence as a juvenile/young adult.  It’s while Honcho was away, however, that he began writing to stay out of trouble, and honed his bourgeoning rap skills.

“I was the talk of the jail – they knew who I was when it came to who had the hardest bars.  A lot of my pain came out in my lyrics.”  The support and encouragement Honcho received from fellow-inmates convinced him that he was truly talented.  Honcho is leading the way for the next generation of talent out of Jersey – a region that has long been short on support.  It’s time that Jersey get its just due.

Honcho continues to usher in a return to a more minimal, gritty sound in Hip Hop. “Honcho” is a street certified single that is lyrically charged laid over a hard hitting track. Check out Yung Honcho’s new single “Tony Hawk’” below:

Photo Credit: Derek Anthony Welte  @halfmanhalfmachine

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