Tyler Perry Shares Plan To Begin Filming Again In July, Invents ‘Camp Quarantine’

Who says camp was canceled this summer? On Wednesday, Tyler Perry unveiled a plan revealing how his Atlanta-based studio, Tyler Perry Studios, intends to start filming again as soon as July. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Perry’s 30-page document cheekily titled “Camp Quarantine” goes into painstaking detail as to how the cast and crew of his shows Sistas and The Oval will avoid contracting COVID-19 as they begin filming again amid the global pandemic. Most notably, the cast and crew of both projects will be trapped stay on campus at Tyler Perry studios for the duration of filming, hence the title “Camp Quarantine.” How fun.

The cast and crew will be required to take a nasal swab COVID-19 test in their hometowns and then self isolate for 16 days before taking a private plane (organized by Perry, of course) to set. Once they have arrived, the cast and crew will follow various safety measures, such as getting their luggage disinfected upon arrival, quarantining in their individual trailers until the entire set has been confirmed COVID-19 free via tests administered by Emory Healthcare. Throughout filming, the production will practice social distancing and require everyone to wear masks at all times except when filming or getting hair and make up, naturally.

Source/ Vulture

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