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Southfield G Releases A New Video To His Hit Single “No Trust”

Southfield G is the hottest rapper doing it big from Columbus Ohio. His new single “No Trust” is bumping heavy in the streets, as many fans gravitate towards his success as rapper and overcoming the trap life. Southfield G expresses that a 9 to 5 wasn’t for him, so hustling was his only option despite the vultures and violence that surrounded him. This creative star had no other choice but to be ready for war, because people weren’t afraid to try him where he’s from. Although he got caught up in that cross fire, Southfield G never lost sight of the bigger picture and what he wanted to become. Now you can stream all his music and watch some of the dopest videos starring him. Check out the latest one he just released to his single “No Trust”.

Instagram: @southfieldg

Twitter: @SouthfieldG

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