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Raphael Cash – “Yeah Yeah”

Raphael releases his first single “Yeah Yeah”, a high energy track perfect for any night club or backyard barbecue. The energy on “Yeah Yeah”, combined with great production and Cash’s unique delivery, made it a standout first single for the Miami artist. The Raphael Cash brand is bigger than life. His ability to blend mainstream and original sounds sets him apart from other emerging artists. The strategic plan of his brand is to release consistent content for listeners to engage with on and offline. His transparent vibe and relatable flow is sure to grasp any audience.

Providing a fresh outlook on today’s music, Raphael Cash is the newest member of the new school of Hip Hop. His personable demeanor is unmatched, while his charismatic cadence and intimate language makes all listeners feel like family. Equipped with a powerful story and a diligent team behind him, Raphael Cash is ready to make songs that change the world with his body as his instrument.

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