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[NEW VIDEO] Vonny Loc “Da Hood Don’t Luv Me”

Denver Colorado is one of the few states that hasn’t been put on the map as of yet in the music industry. Vonny Loc, who is an upcoming rapper rising out of this city, looks to finally make history. With his strong pen game, clever word play, along with his star quality swagger, it’s only a matter of time before his name is nationally known.

Vonny Loc recently dropped an exclusive new song and video called “Da Hood Don’t Luv Me”, where he speaks about his city not supporting his movement, haters wanting to take his life, and having to move away just to make a way. Through all the envy Vonny Loc continues to stay 10 Toes down, while never losing sense of where he came from.

Check out his new video and download newly released single on all streaming platforms now and look out for more to come from this amazing and talented artist! Add in his new album the Original Baby Gangsta

IG- @bellin_azz_vonny
MGT- @Imjallen

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