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New Music: OHBOI ft Project Pat – Cut Throat (@OHBOINATION)

OHBOI is a trendsetting new group from Brockton, Massachusetts – All three (Ernie Goodman(E.Go), Darnell Goodman(DTG), Ceyhara Robinson (CeyHarmony)) were raised by single parents. Ceyhara was the first child of her generation born of African descent. Since birth the twins living arrangement changed between their parents through battles of custody. Ceyhara, Ernie & Darnell are certified as a home health aide, appliance and refrigeration technician, and automotive technician respectively as they pursue their career in music.

Ceyhara is the first female leader of a rap group and Ernie and Darnell are twins which makes the group highly unique at first sight. Also, they create outstanding music in any genre.

Check out their new single “Cut Throat” featuring Project Pat on Spotify.

Members: Ernie Goodman(E.Go), Darnell Goodman(DTG), Ceyhara Robinson (CeyHarmony)

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