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Meet Marcy Thornhill Founder of Mrs. Marcy’s Homemades on Her Rise to Stardom

Marcy Thornhill, residing in Chesterfield, Virginia, is a businesswoman and an experienced Information Technology Manager, supporting multiple agencies across the Commonwealth of Virginia. In her career spanning 25 years, she has held several important positions, including roles like Program Manager for the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond National Information Security, Project Manager supporting General Motors, United States Treasury, Bureau of Public Debt, and Capital One.

Marcy Thornhill is a confident, motivated, and driven individual who is highly goal oriented. She is honest, humble, and passionate about her work. She has held several positions of power, highlighting her excellent leadership skills. She is also outgoing and personable, making it easier for people to collaborate with her.

Marcy Thornhill received her Bachelor of Science in Business and Finance from Virginia Commonwealth University. She received her Master’s in Human Resource Management and a second Master’s in Education Administration from Strayer University. She has also served as an Adjunct Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University for the past five years. She is also an accomplished author and active member of her community.

Mrs. Thornhill has developed several programs that have impacted over 5,000 adults and youth and have been an active force in the community for the past 15 years. She has received numerous awards for her extraordinary work, like the 2018 Radio One Maggie L. Walker Community Award; 2017 Metropolitan Business League Non-Profit Partner of the Year Award; 2015 Metropolitan Business League “Distinguished Community Service Award”, “The Do Something Education Award-2015”; and the Strayer University “Alumni of the Year Award-2011”.

Marcy Thornhill started her applesauce canning business Mrs. Marcy’s Homemades  as a way to preserve food during the height of the pandemic in 2020. She started making applesauce with a sudden inspiration one day and has continued it as a hobby. Now she and her husband Robert, whom she greatly thanks for all his support, have started a small manufacturing center funded entirely by their weekly paychecks. They now serve more than six stores in Richmond and plan on expanding their business and creating a legacy for future generations.

She is now SWAM – Small Women and Minority Owned, Food Service Manager Certified, and ACF – American Culinary Federation. Mrs. Thornhill has received Virginia Living – Made in Virginia Award 2021 for her business venture. She has received recognition from the Virginia Department of Agriculture as a state approved manufacturing center. She also has a partnership with Dick’s Sporting Goods Public Lands store in Charlottesville. Her product is available in different stores in Virginia including Charlottesville – Monticello Historic Museum, Richmond – Ellwood Thompson’s, Market at 25th St, Southern States, Gracie’s Cottage, MediaNoche, and Ashland – Cross Brother’s Grocery.

Mrs. Thornhill is blessed and knows that her business has become successful due to the support of her family, including her husband, Robert, mother Shirley Holmes, and children Jazmine and Maya.

The advice Marcy Thornhill gives all future entrepreneurs starting a business from scratch is to never be afraid and to roll the wheel differently. She advises budding businesspeople to learn from their predecessors and create personalized businesses with their own flare. She also advises youngsters to learn and become experts in their fields. Furthermore, she stresses the importance of enjoying what you do. Legacy is her ultimate goal. She wants her children and future generations to go into a store and say, “that’s my grandma.”

Marcy Thornhill is a great example to the future generation of how following your passion diligently and strategically can help you achieve success. She also shows that it is never too late to follow your dreams.

Follow Marcy Thornhill on her Instagram @MrsMarcysHomemades 

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