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Kristen Anderson of Surge365/ Vortex Wants You To Be Your Own Boss

1on1 With Kristen Anderson of Surge365/ Vortex
Keys to Being Your Own Boss 

101: Hey Kristen, tell us about what inspires you and continues to be the driving force behind what you do?
KA: My family and my passion is to help others become a entrepreneur and never having to ask permission from a 9 to 5 so that they can spend time with people that actually care about them, so they can create those memories that will last for a lifetime.
101:  Is Entrepreneurship something that you always wanted to do?
KA: By being a entrepreneur allows me to do what I always wanted which is spending more time with family and friends and never having to ask permission from a 9 to 5 for anything
101: Who was a part of your ,journey that contributed to its success?
KA: My mentor for always encouraging me in all that I do
101: How do you show your clients the benefits of what your offer?
KA: I simply show them that if they choose to they can live that life of financial independence without working a 9 to 5 that’s more beneficial and profitable for them in the long run.
101: What message are you hoping to get across to the people by doing what you do?
KA: The highly importance of being your own boss
101: What are some other things people can expect from you in the near future?
KA: I’m going to be doing more live in person events in 2023
101: Awesome, When is your next event?
KA: On Saturday March 18th,2023 I will be at a women’s networking conference located at 725 South Lewis Lane in Carbondale, Illinois from 9am-12pm, come join me there!

For more information, visit her official website at  Surge365.com/lifestyleoasis 
Contact her today to get registered at 1-(618) 303-1596
Also, follow her on Instagram and Facebook 


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