JU$T CNT Whips Up “The Cook Tape”

Words From JU$T CNT About The Making Of The Tape

This tape has been a long time coming, It’s my first official body of work. We came up with the title the first week of summer break with the hopes of bringing new life to older beats while adding “our own flare.” This tape mixes some of my earliest songs with some skillful pieces. Songs like Battle Field and Members only are some of my first songs ever. We used beats from some of our favorite artists, G herbo, J cole, Playboy carti, Da Baby, and Lil Uzi. Runtz freestyle is the product of good medicinal, and Borden. It mixes my own personal style with the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia flow to bring a unique listening experience 

I chose to keep the features in house for this tape with guest appearances from Guccibanddupp and Yvng Ju. Battle Scars was freestyled in a studio session with MayointhemixStop playing was original written months before we took it to the big studio and it originally wasn’t on track list up until last minute adjustments. Members Only was made for my ragers, being it’d for audio stress relief.

Shoutout to the Cntrst Family for being there for me along the process.


The end of the tape is capped off with two of my favorites Story time and Until we meet again. Until we meet again is dedicated to all those I’ve lost in my life. I hope it serves as a song that the masses can relate to. This entire project was mixed and engineered by Captaincmoore who help cultivate the high energy sound the album brings. I’m very proud of this body of work and I’m thankful to everyone who was apart of the process. More is to come but take a listen below: