“Ulterior Motive” Debuts Hazy’s Creativity

Isaiah “Hazy” Hill is an American hip hop recording artist and songwriter from the Mitchellville, Maryland/Washington, D.C. area. Born August 8th, 1997, the 22 year old emcee found a passion for music at a young age. At the age of 12, he began writing music and automatically knew this was something he loved doing. With his grandfather being a DJ, he was exposed to a wide plethora of different genres in music.

Including his grandfather, 2pac, Nas, Lauryn Hill, Jay-Z, J. Cole, and Drake have influenced his creative genius, and deepened his love for music. He wishes to create timeless music that people will fall in love with for generations to come.

Hazy is a true lyricist blessed with being a hook generator, great performer, energy, charisma and personality. People of all ages easily attract to him and his talents which has been proven on many occasions. From clubs, concerts, and community events. Hazy has stood out among many for his ability to entertain. To get a glimpse into his world check out his debut EP Ulterior Motive below: