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Esha Jay Drops Two Books Called Envy That Brooklyn Chick 1 & 2 and Her Lipstick Line “Envy Lipz”

Tyiesha P. Johnson aka Esha Jay is a phenomenal, skillful, passionate, and creative author. This young influential entrepreneur motivation for writing stems from the pain and suffering she endured growing up in Brooklyn. Her mission in life was to always inspire others to become a victor and not victim of their community. After losing two of her brothers, author Esha Jay knew she had to give the publishing industry all she had in her to win.

With numerous abundant pictures running through her mind about becoming one of top selling authors like Teri Woods, who is one of her biggest influences, Esha Jay felt that sharing her story would be the perfect opportunity to get the people to resonate and support her movement internationally.

After attending college in Fayetteville, NC and gaining a few credits, she decided to launched two books called Envy That Brooklyn Chick part 1 and 2, which has been a great success so far. Esha Jay’s grind didn’t stop there. She recently started a Lip Stick line called Envy Lipz made by. RubyLipps LLC, that she looks to accumulate a great deal of success with.

Author Esha Jay

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