Cashmerely Releases New Project “Killjoy”

The self proclaimed carefree trap boy aka Cashmerely drops a new 7 track EP filled with good vibes and sounds. To best describe the project, it’s fast paced, creative, artistic, and genuine. Cashmerely strives to be 100% himself 24/7 and he does that even more with Killjoy!

The project is titled “Killjoy” because as an artist approaching 30, it was time to stop playing. I didn’t want to entertain myself with what artists younger than me were doing. Not only as an artist, but as a business man, I’ve been able to expand the networks that I can reach my hands in to. I’ve recently partnered with a cannabis company in Michigan, released promotional items such as potato chips, and continued to do it independently. I’m trying to inspire the ones who aren’t into the music that’s out today. Songs where when you wake up you need something fast paced, whether you’re about to go clock in or not. This EP is for the creatives, the thinkers, the hustlers, the cats in the hood with a 3.0.

Cashmerely on Killkoy