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Brooklyn Nets Kyrie Irving Covers Tuition For Lincoln University Students

Students who attend historically Black colleges and universities are disproportionately impacted by the student debt crisis. According to a study conducted by the United Negro College Fund, HBCU students borrow loans at higher rates, have higher levels of unmet financial needs and graduate with higher debt than students at non-HBCUs. Cognizant of the financial burdens faced by HBCU students, Irving was determined to step up and provide support. The generous gift was distributed amongst nine seniors attending the Pennsylvania-based institution. The donation was made through the K.A.I. Family Foundation; a nonprofit organization founded by Irving designed to empower youth from underserved communities through education and combat food insecurity.

He surprised the students with the news during a virtual call. “I’m grateful for all you young leaders,” he said. “I wouldn’t be sitting in my position and embracing who I am without knowing where I come from and people helping me along the way, so just paying it forward. I’ve committed to my service a long time ago and I’m walking the steps now and I want the same for others.”

Source: NewsOne


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