Mogul Diddy Covers Rent For Over 175 Miami Families

He led the effort through his Sean Combs Foundation.

Mogul Sean Combs tapped into the power of paying it forward this holiday season. According to People, he covered rent costs for low-income families in Miami.

Housing insecurity is a longstanding issue that has been exacerbated by the pandemic. More than 14 million Americans were at risk of eviction and Florida tenants have a high risk due to the lack of tenant protections, CBS Miami reported. Families living in Miami who are struggling to make ends meet have felt the brunt of its effect. Aware of the disparities, Combs was determined to help those facing financial burdens. Through his Sean Combs Foundation, he provided rent money for nearly 200 families. He also distributed cash, gift cards and care packages amongst residents. To further his efforts, Combs joined forces with the Miami-based nonprofit Teens Exercising Extraordinary Success to advance their youth empowerment programs.

This isn’t the only COVID-19 relief project Combs has led. In April, he raised $3.4 million through a virtual dance-a-thon to address the scarcity of medical supplies in impoverished communities.

Source: NewsOne


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