Jackson Mississippi artist BosMadeLd of Hustle Harder Entertainment is On The Rise To Stardom

Jackson, Mississippi 


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In the current Mean 16 spotlight, Jackson artist BosMadeLd is profiled as the mag’s “Artist To Watch”. Today we check in with him for a quick 1 on 1 Exclusive.

   BosMadeLd is an artist from Mendenhall, Mississippi but now resides in Jackson, Mississippi. He has always loved music growing up with Bossie Badd Azz, Pump C, and EightBall & MJG. BosMadeLd is soaring is ON THE RISE TO STARDOM as he has performed in many states such as Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Florida and Alabama with many more states to come. BosMadeLd is scheduled to go on tour on April 16, 2021 and won’t the pandemic hold him back from rising. He’s accomlished many achievements such as interviews with The Hype Magazine, Spade TV and more.

SM – Your favorite slogan or tagline that you reference most often? 
Hustle Harder Keep GridiN
SM – What’s the name of the new song your pushing?
The name of the song is called  “BanGin” as this underground song was created for organizations around the world.
SM – Tell us about the purpose of this track? 
The purpose for the song “BanGin” is to to unite organizations around the world. Also to tell his story how the streets became of him.
SM – Who played a major role and contributed to it’s success?
King Tiger videographer.
SM – And this was full developed and produced when?
This was fully developed in 2020.
SM – Why is this so valuable to you? And why now?
It shows how the streets can make you become and because I feel that all organizations need to come together as one, meaning more unity of all organizations.
SM – How was this put together and how does it benefit the people?
I Would like organizations to show more unity instead of violence.

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