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Questlove Is Teaching A MasterClass In DJing & Music Curation

A living legend in his own right, the Grammy Award-winning Roots drummer and frontman is lending his expertise in DJing and music curation to the online tutorial platform. MasterClass has truly been on a roll lately — in case you missed it last month, the company announced an instructional by Issa Rae and fans went wild.

So, what can you hope to gain from Questlove’s class? For those who dream of making a career out of their love for music, the benefits are infinite! Questlove shares his “encyclopedic musical knowledge to teach members how to increase their music vocabulary and connect songs to entertain, inspire and enlighten.” Like we said — infinite.

“Questlove’s storied career and unparalleled knowledge and passion for music has made him a music icon and one of the most influential individuals in the industry,” said David Rogier, founder and CEO of MasterClass, via press release. “In his MasterClass, members will gain a deeper understanding of how to listen to and absorb music so they can deconstruct songs and gain a deeper appreciation of everything they hear.”

Specifically, Questlove is going to give students an inside look at his creative process, in addition to sharing the basics of DJing, breaking down his equipment list, covering loop creation, phasing, beat juggling, and more. He’ll also share life lessons from his own career.

“It’s one thing to listen to music, but it’s another thing to embrace it and have it come to you,” Questlove said. “Nothing will take the place of the passion that I feel for music, and I hope my MasterClass will open up a portal in your heart so that you learn to love music, find it and appreciate it.”

Questlove’s MasterClass is available now and you can sign up HERE.

Source: GlobalGrind

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