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Black-Owned Tech Company Creates Safety App to Help Prevent Police Brutality

WestMason, a Black-owned design and development studio based in Orlando, has announced the launch of their first mobile app called MyOneOne, available on iOS and Android. The mobile experience offers a personal security network made up of your friends and family.

MyOneOne provides minorities and underserved the power to protect themselves as well as their loved ones. Nationwide, minorities are constantly overpoliced and persecuted in and out of their homes and neighborhoods, carrying the fear of not making it home from a traffic stop or gunned down while out for a jog.

MyOneOne users, when in danger, can quickly alert their lifeline, live-streaming directly from their device, coupled with location information and chat. MyOneOne reaches places previous security applications fail, leveraging current and future technology to form a community that looks out for itself. All with a few voice commands and or taps of the intuitive interface.

“We, as a tech community, should start focusing our attention on more than likes and follows, what the next hot product is and how we will sell it. Instead, create products that use the power of the connected world we live in to help each other. That is the mission that WestMason is on,” says Eric Mills, CTO of WestMason.

The app allows users to:
• Create and maintain a lifeline consisting of friends and family.
• Alert your lifeline when in dangerous situations.
• Livestream from your device to your lifeline. Video is stored in a secure location for future review.
• Send location information to your lifeline.
• Contact emergency services with the same information as your lifeline. Coupled with health information and profile picture.

For more details and/or to download the app, visit www.MyOneOne.netAbout WestMason
WestMason is a design and development studio focused on delivering quality products to minorities and the underserved. The team at WestMason includes a seasoned CEO in Darnell Walker, an award-winning CTO in Eric Mills, a veteran Business Developer in Raymond Glenn, and a trailblazing Executive Advisor in Myra Walker. All African Americans not only know of the dangers of systematic racism in America but also have the knowledge and know-how to provide quality products to help combat it.

For press inquiries, contact 407-484-3811 or pr@myoneone.net

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