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Stardom Releases Tenth-Ever Digital Cover Series Featuring Big Rasta

The San Antonio Rapper is Set To Close Out The 2023 Year With A Bang 


Recording Artist 

We got the the opportunity to go one on one with San Antonio rising rapper Big Rasta, here’s the latest…..

SM- What’s going man, tell us about what you’re promoting and the details around it?

I’m promoting myself my music and the people that helped me get here. I actually got some new music I just dropped last month, and we are hitting a couple of different genres and I’m working on dropping something different right now on some R&B type sh** so stay on the lookout for the name it’s Rasta and we are going be lit till the end.

SM- That sounds good, can you tell us what is unique about this music that separates it from the rest?

Stability, open communication, trust, and loyalty overall.

SM- Who was a part of this musical project that contributed to its success?

Everyone in my life because my music is a projection of not only my emotions but theirs as well but if I have to single someone out mainly my manager, she puts me where I need to be when I need to be and I get it done.

SM- What is the inspiration behind what you do?

I want people to be able to express themselves regardless of their circumstances, and I want people to feel understood when they’re at their lowest. So, everyone around me and in my life is an inspiration in some type of way.

SM- What are some other things people can expect from you in the near future? 

All I can say to expect from me is better. I’ll never stay stationary if I’m not constantly evolving physically and mentally and implementing it into my music, then I’m failing.

SM- Why is this time around so valuable to you? And why now?

Probably loss, realizing that the last time you saw that friend’s face would be the last time you ever will. To live through the pain and grief has really molded me into the person I’ve become today.

SM- What is one final thought that you want to leave our readers with?

No matter what you have going on in life or in your head remember that yesterday already was yet tomorrow may never be life is a perspective and you can manipulate it to be whatever you want.

For more information, follow Big Rasta on his social media networks.

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