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A Room Full Of Mirrors Releases New “RAWAR” Visual

has done it again! But this time the light is shining on TDE president Terrence “Punch” Henderson. Punch who has been instrumental in ushering the new wave of talent in, is a highly skilled emcee who has a message the world deserves to hear. With the help of some of his close music counterparts, he has officially released a new visual titled “RAWAR” from his new collective A Room Full of Mirrors.

Compiled of Punch, DAYLYT, Nick Grant, Ichiban Don, Lyric Michelle, Earlee Riser, Jrias Law, and Hari, A Room Full of Mirrors is a music collective series that i. In the new “RAWAR” visual you will see each artist exhibiting a level of music prosperity over the steadfast beat. As Punch serves as the facilitator, he leads the pack with his vicious and lethal bars. Setting the tone for the rest of acts to follow “Punchino” is showing the world that he can go toe to toe with any rapper.

The aesthetics of this DAYLYT directed release, catches the eye immediately providing a dark and grungy vibe that matches the gritty flows. As this is the latest installment from the Room of Mirror family, it is a great representation of each individual artists’ raw talent. Throwing in female emcee Lyric Michelle, Punch has a diverse group of emcees that a creating a movement worldwide.

But it is not just recording artists who are shining in A Room Full of Mirrors. Hari who specializes in production and the 7th View who is a photographer, are also highlighted as a creatives who are pushing the culture forward with Punch.

Aa a creative many are gifted with more than one passion, so it is good to see Punch excelling as an established rapper outside of his role as President of Top Dawg Entertainment. He is known for discovering SZA and scream other TDE members who have gone on to influence millions of listeners internationally. Now it is his time to shine in front of the mic and camera.

Press play below to stream a Room Full of Mirrors new “RAWAR” visual.


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