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YV’S THE COLLECTION Lifestyle Sneakers

Every name speaks for itself. It’s all bout the purpose of it. But, put it like this you didn’t know about none of the brands you got before you brought them right?  You just see the commercial, and ppl wearing them. which makes you the consumer wanting the product. I have the message, the idea, and concept already set.. Know the brand get to know what’s next to come to the collection of footwear And just like Nike,converse etc the YV’S will be a brand your familiar with. You have to set a tone and you only get one 1st impression.  Nikes  and other shoe brands are fine, but for taking care of business, handling any type of business related activities then the YV’s are the perfect shoe for the right price.

Dress shoes that are sneakers for people who just want to run their own time. You can do more with them. If you want ya pants to cover ya shoes you can still see the grey. The 2nd option if you cover the shoe you don’t see the grey which limits your shirt or jacket options. All Italian quality leather crafted and made in Italy  Get the collection by making a 1st impression rocking YV’S !

Purchase by clicking the link below:


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