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Stardom Releases Sixteenth-Ever Digital Cover Series Featuring Tandy Armstrong


Consultant | Hair & Beauty Professional | Entrepreneur

Get to know this entrepreneur from Bronx, NY as she strives to build generational wealth for her children through her beauty brand.

We had the pleasure of going one on one with Lady T to get the latest scoop, here’s what new….

SM- Hey Tandy, what message are you hoping to get across to the people by doing what you do?

Never use the Word CAN’T in your vocabulary. It does not exist.

SM- Tell us about what you’re promoting and the details around it?

I am an upcoming Hair Consultant that sells hair growth products that I created. I also sell jewelry, nail care products, headbands, and hair bundles.

SM- What’s unique about this that separates it from the rest?

Consistency. I like things that are consistent with clarity.

SM- Who was a part of this project and brand that contributed to its success?

Some People that I knew who were business owners and older friends that gave me the wonderful idea of how to start and learn how to generate customers and attention.

SM- What is the inspiration behind what you do?

Never give up and build a brand for my kids for generational wealth of their own.

SM- What are some other things people can expect from you in the near future?

I went back to modeling, and I tried to learn different ways to brand and hopefully get my own shop.

SM- Why is this so valuable to you? And why now?

When I was coming up people I knew started to disappear. When I was trying to build my own, I didn’t have support. Some people didn’t think I could make it.

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