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Stardom Releases Fifteenth-Ever Digital Cover Series Featuring Stevin Marsh


Singer | Songwriter | National Recording Artist

Introducing The Next Singer Star and Songwriter Shaking Up The Country Music World.

Stevin Marsh started his journey down the long road of Country Music at the age of 10. Stevin traveled all over the US. Along this path Stevin had the chance to open for some wonderful Country Music Artist like: Perfect Strangers, Janie Freaky, Bobby Clinton, Brian Black and most recently Donice Morice and many others.
Stevin was born in the little town of Borger, TX. In December 1978. At the age of 10 he moved to Palestine, TX. There he joined every choir that he could. It was at this time His music teacher noticed that he had a natural talent like no other and started having him do leads and solo’s. With a little encouragement from this teacher along with some of his other teachers he started doing little talent contest in school, to his surprise he won 4 years in a row. This gave him the confidence to do other talent contest. He competed in the FFA talent search where he advances to the State level.
Stevin started traveling around the US at a young age singing wherever they would let him. He sang at a lot of local Campaign stops, Festivals, fairs and Night Clubs. In 1995 Stevin competed in the Star Mania Talent Search in Lake Jackson, TX. Stevin won this level and advanced to the finals at the Orleans in Los Vegas, Na. where he took first place.  In 1996 he signed with Famous Records. His first album was released in the spring of 1997. This took a small-town boy on the ride of his life. Stevin was on tour for a little over a year. Unfortunately, after this the label decided to close the doors. Now Stevin was back on his own starting all over in the nightclub and bar scene.  2000 brought Stevin to Alvin TX. The Houston area gave Stevin a larger area where he could continue to pursue his love of Music.
In 2003 Stevin competed in the first season of Nashville Star Contest, which he advanced to the 2nd round.   In 2008 with the help from a good friend and his wife, Stevin headed to Nashville, Tn. to do his new album.  On September 5, 2009, Stevin competed in LaGrange, TX. For the Colgate Country Showdown. Stevin won First place, receiving a trophy and the chance to move on. On September 26, 2009 Stevin competed in Corpus Christy, TX. For the State Finals of the Colgate Country Showdown. Even though Stevin didn’t win here he was noticed by TBG Entertainment.

Stevin joined alongside other talented artists with the TBG Entertainment team on October 8, 2009. They went on to do some big shows opening for great Artists. 2010 Stevin went back to Nashville to spend some time in Studio working on his next album, this also brought great opportunities.  2009-2014 Stevin Performed at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Cookoff.

In 2012 Stevin went outside his box and competed in the first season of Americas Next Big TV Star, this was an over all talent show (acting, dancing, and singing). Stevin won this TV Talent contest. This brought his own TV show to light. The year 2022 brought in some good things, Stevin built out his garage into a full out recording studio and the third album was started.  The year 2023 was a great year with a lot of exciting things, Stevin has spent some time in his studio working on some new original songs. In May of 2023 Stevin had the opportunity to be on CBS show “A Great Day Houston” with Deborah Duncan and performed 2 songs live.    Singer / Songwriter Stevin Marsh | khou.com

 Late this year Stevin entered into Talent Quest Texas competition, he won his local Division and moved on to the state level. There was some great talent at the state level, but Stevin took first place. Stevin moved on to the Talent Quest International level after a week of preforming in Laughlin NV. At the Tropicana Stevin was able to win 6th place.

In October 2023, Stevin Inked a management deal with Houston Talent Management Firm Liner Entertainment Group.

Stevin is looking forward to all the great things to come in 2024, but most of all Stevin is looking forward to going on tour where he can share his love for music with everyone.  Stevin is looking forward to meeting you soon.

Here is a link to his song “Going Nowhere Fast” available NOW for Download and Streaming |‎Stevin Marsh – Apple Music  https://music.apple.com/us/artist/stevin-marsh/325167018?ls

We had the pleasure of going one on one with Stevin to get the latest scoop, here’s what new….

Stardom: Hey Stevin, tell us about what you’re latest single you just dropped! 
The single I just released called “Going Nowhere Fast” Its available on all music stores and streaming platforms.

Stardom: What is the main inspiration behind your music?
The hope that maybe just for a minute my music has lifted someone’s day!!!
Stardom: What challenges in your life made a significant impact of you and your craft?
I’ve had many challenges in my life , as many do but, if I had to choose one that helped it is moving to a strange new town at a young age and then shortly after stepping in to a fathers roll to raise 3 beautiful children with medical issues !
Stardom: What values are important to you when you think about the kind of brand you want to build?
Honesty within what I write about , loyalty to my friend ,family, and fans
Stardom: Who was a part of this project that contributed to it’s success?
My wife , Susan . She has put in 25 years of hard work by my side , tending to what ever is needed to help with my career as well as my life. She is my rock..
Stardom: What is one final thought that you want to leave our readers with?
Life is to short, Always do what you enjoy and never give up on your dreams !!
Stardom: What can people expect from you next?
As a person to stay true to my self and always be down to earth . As artist always stay true to country music and to the fans that follow me on my journey !

For more information on Stevin March, follow him online:

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