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[Single] Prez P ft Travie Bowe – Play That Funk



Miami based rapper/song writer Prez P, recently named one of Miami’s top ten artists on the come up to look out for by The Miami New Times. Born in Miami on December 10, the North Miami native Haitian-American rapper ‘Prez P’ first emerged onto the underground rap scene out of Miami with his group Da Camp in 2011 with the mixtape: 7 Day Weekend: Campin Out In A RV followed by 7 Day Weekend: Bumpin olDCool, Da Campilation and their biggest album VII Day Vacay which was voted 2012 mixtape of the year by the Miami blog the305.com. Prez stepped away from the group to do some solo work in the form of projects such as his 2012 release DreamSucceeDie, a body of work with production from various Miami producers like Numonics, Mr. Manuvers, Benny B and features from his Miami peers Phresh James, J Nics, RansomNote and more to his most recent 2013 release “The Ambiance”. Currently Prez has been working on a campaign for his next full length album “Prezidential”. He has released 305° In The Sunshine, Carrera Music, and most recently The Preztige, keeping his fans at bait until the album is revealed.




G & G/DaCampsiteLLC;

(786) 232 – 1625









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