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New Book, ‘Carbs, Credit, and Consistency: The 3 C’s to A Better You’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 09, 2022                         

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New Book, ‘Carbs, Credit, and Consistency: The 3 C’s to A Better You’
Insight for young adults about financial and physical health.

Mission Hills, Los Angeles – Author and Fitness Expert Shearill Brown gift us with his latest book, “Carbs, Credit and Consistency,” a powerful step-by-step guide created to help young adults avoid leaving college with excessive debt, unhealthy weight gain, and stress.

“We teach our young adults how to set goals, but it is also our responsibility to ensure they are fiscally and physically able to achieve those goals,” Brown said.

Shearill Brown is a world-renowned Wholistic Fitness Trainer, Entrepreneur, and Owner of Shape by Brown™ and loving father. He taps into his own professional and personal experience to analyze this phenomenon. Part autobiographical and part admonition, this book explores the impact of how the care for money, food and fitness is linked to our fiscal and physical futures.

This book has received 6 stars on Amazon, sold over 500 copies, and helped hundreds of students and athletes obtain good credit and maintain good health. Carbs, Credit, and Consistency is sold on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Malik Books in a major mall in Los Angeles.

Click the link to purchase https://www.amazon.com/CARBS-CREDIT-CONSISTENCY-BETTER-YOU/dp/B09GZGWCQC/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=

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