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Author Katina Tarver Releases New Book ‘Secrets of My Bedroom Window’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 01, 2022                            

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Author Katina Tarver Releases New Book ‘Secrets of My Bedroom Window’
A fictional adult mini romance detailing the emotional effects of a relationship when it loses it’s fire.

Houston, TX – Professional singer, recording artist and songwriter K Jazz aka Katina Tarver released her new fictional e-book entitled ‘Secrets of My Bedroom Window’ on Amazon Kindle.

“I write for enjoyment, and I love sharing my knowledge in areas that are interesting to me, which is therapeutic in and of itself,” Tarver said.

The book starts with a middle-aged couple living a very comfortable marriage life until the new young, single, and handsome neighbor moves in next door. This part 1 series reflects on the mental health and behavior in relationships that becomes comfortable. When the fire is down, it opens doors for the unexpected possibilities to happen.

Raw details of intimacy, trust, betrayal, excitement, lies, and guilt are just a few things readers can expect from this alluring entanglement.

Click on the link to purchase the e-book ‘Secrets of My Bedroom’ https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BMZS7F5W?ref_=cm_sw_r_mwn_ts_BCTXWR9QSM56QMSDY92Y

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