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New Music: Don Christopher – When You Hear That Love Song

Don Christopher is not only an artist, singer, and songwriter, he is also an R&B luminary hailing from Columbia, SC. Trailblazing a path to industry success from such a remote location for entertainment has proven to be an arduous task. Undeterred, Don Christopher has mastered his craft while honing in on releasing his most complete project to date, Guns and Roses.

As a culmination of a plethora of creative opportunities that include collaborative efforts with Timbaland, DJ Mustard, Bryan Michael-Cox, Sonny Digital, Usher, Olivia, Keke Palmer, among others, Guns and Roses serves as a beacon of hope to those that aspire to connect to substance based, emotion driven musical experiences.
Led by its’ first single, “When You Hear That Love Song,” a hauntingly beautiful ballad that samples “Tender Love” by Force M.D.’s, Guns and Roses effortlessly combines Don Christopher’s classic R&B influences with more contemporary urban sounds and perspectives.

Don Christopher seeks to create music that stands the test of time and spans to all genres.

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