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Mikey Mcfly – “Suicide”

Hello To All Who Reads This…

I wanted to write a quick few words for you to read explaining my mind state when recording & filming Suicide. We’ve all had moments in life that truly challenged our worth & want to be here. I learned talking about and expressing ones emotions helps to properly release those feelings, and that burden of wanting to end it all. That helped me at my weakest point in life. So I took off my shield and allowed everyone to see my Vulnerability and let you in.

Also let them know that they are not alone and to not be scared but to acknowledge that pain and to talk about your feelings cause there’s nothing wrong with you and your not a bad person. We’ve just had bad things happen to us in life. As recent as my hospital visit & Mac Miller’s passing has further informed me of the talk to someone or a friend could really help, cause we can’t do it or fight it alone. Surviving those things is the ultimate victory not checking out. So know that you’re not alone we are with you and you’re loved.

Sincerely, Mikey Mcfly

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