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Stardom Releases Seventh-Ever Digital Cover Series Featuring Lourdes Bigio

What’s Happening Now? New York and Cafe Con Lourdes Is On The Rise 

Lourdes Bigio

Radio Show Host | Film-Writer | Director | Producer | Magazine Editor in Chief | Podcast Host

Creating is Lourdes Bigio Passion and Her goals are to stay relevant, and continue her growth in all that she’s doing and at the same time help elevate others with their own crafts and talent. She says promoting all her brands is always her first What’s Happening Now? New York Mag. What’s Happening Now? New York Radio Show.

Lourdes bigio creative process comes from God, vision etc..She could be speaking to someone and if it sound good to her mind she automatically starts creating , She believe it’s within herself with self confidence, writes Lance Wiggins of NewsBreak.

We had the unite opportunity to go 1 on 1 Lourdes to get her latest scoop……

SM – Hey Lourdes, we know you have plenty of things going on, what are you currently promoting now and the details around it?
All that I do but most importantly My Newest Podcast~ Cafe Con Lourdes. I’m hoping that we can embrace our Latin heritage, Unite, support each other and not just when there is a festival/events. This podcast will be a bit different, to come on my podcast you must bring me Cafe/Coffee & it’s a film podcast. Premise location Soho area and most importantly tons of laughters.
SM- What continues to Inspire you?
My inspiration comes from my vision from God, My adult kids, even people I speak to that has overcame certain obstacles. I love to create, build platforms for talent and make an impact on others. Getting emails from all kinds of people with different backgrounds telling me that I inspired them. All that are blessings which inspire me to be greater.

SM- What challenge in your life shaped you the most?
The challenge in my life that has shaped me the most has been PAIN, SUFFERED AND LOSS.
SM- What values are important to you when you think about the kind of brand you want to build?
Awareness, Loyalty, Deliverance and Quality
SM- Who was a part of this project that contributed to its success?
My GOD, my vision comes from him , he leads me and it’s my mission to complete.

SM- What is one final thought that you want to leave our readers with?
I have more than one, Communication is key , Don’t just talk about things you want to do ~Execute them. Take a Negative and make it a Positive one. Life is too short to waste. Don’t Limit yourself Most importantly Pray, have faith and believe in yourself.

SM- What can people expect from you next?
Cafe Con Lourdes Podcast , Love is Love Web Series, feature film called PATTERNS, Mini concert coming up with talented artist, working on a few projects with couple of artists that I manage ..My Lord so much more…

For more information on all of Lourdes Bigio platforms visit https://linktr.ee/sunydew

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