“Lonely Kid EP” Show A Journey For Shaeir

In this lonely journey to become one of the rap game’s elites, Shaeir offers a EP that provides an in depth look at the experience of a Nigerian American rapper from Baltimore. The premise serves as a strength of the project, it gives it unique perspective. Not only does it drive the narrative of the EP, it gives context to the meanings of the songs.

Is You African or Black?

Shaeir off Lagos To Owings Mills

That line specifically speaks to the message he is trying to drive within the project. He later comments in the song, does it really matter? The point he is proving that being black, it doesn’t matter your homeland, all black people go through the same struggles being black. At times in life, he felt as if he was the only one who felt this way. Thus the title, “Lonely Kid EP,” came to premonition.

With the help of a nostalgic backdrop, the witty wordsmith makes it look easy on the lyrical exercise “First Things First”. Rapping over melodic production, Shaeir lays out his vision for his life, while encouraging the listener to do the same. On “Lagos to Owings Mills,” Shaeir shares his identity crisis growing up as an African in America, The story telling and ability to project life on two continents captivated me. Finally, the project is nicely rounded off with life lessons on “Mama Told Me”.

Ultimately, The Lonely Kid” EP is rich with clever lyricism over the familiar Boom Bap sound. With Shaeir injecting his personality throughout the music, it gives transparency that sets his music apart. Add in a splash of black empowerment, we have a winner. This EP is classic lyrical exercise in the style of Freddie Gibbs and Mos Def so take a listen below!

Stream “The Lonely Kid” Here