Lil Wayne Offered Financial Assistance To Cop Who Saved His Life After Suicide Attempt

The rapper said he reconnected with the officer who saved his life and plans to work with him in some capacity.

Lil Wayne spoke candidly about his life-long struggles with mental health and reconnecting with the officer who he credits with saving his life, Complex reports.

Appearing on Uncomfortable Conversations with Emmanuel Acho, the “Lollipop” rapper recalled his challenges with mental health as a child and the importance of talking through those difficulties.

“When you have no one to vent to, no one to get this out to, you can’t bring it to your friends at school because you’re still trying to be cool to them,” he explained. “You’re not tryna let them know, ‘I got something going on at home.’”

Wayne recalled his suicide attempt at 12 years old, saying he remembered shooting himself when he thought his mother would make him quit rapping.

He said he planned to shoot himself in the head but then decided to shoot himself in the chest and aimed for his heart.

Afterward, he remembered trying to get help from the police and multiple officers walking over him as they entered his home, looking for drugs and weapons, but only one stopped to help him.

“It took a guy named ‘Uncle Bob’ [Robert Hoobler]. When he got there and he got to the top of the steps and saw me there, he refused to step over me,” he said. “One of them yelled, ‘I got the drugs’ and that’s when he went crazy. He was like, ‘I don’t give a f**k about no drugs, do you not see the baby on the ground?’”

The 38-year-old said he was put in a squad car and raced to the hospital because it would take too long for the ambulance to arrive at his house. During the interview, he said the sheriff kept repeating, “You’re not going to die on me.”

Because of Hoobler’s act of compassion, a few years later, Wayne was on his way to becoming a rap legend on Cash Money Records. In 2019, Wayne reconnected with the officer who saved his life and even offered to pay his funeral expenses when it was reported that he was dying. During their meeting, the officer said Wayne offered him financial assistance if he ever needed it, adding all he had to do was “say the word,” the Daily Mail reported.

The officer, however, is still alive and plans to work with Wayne in an administrative role.

But despite his meteoric rise to superstardom, the “How to Love” rapper has always been open about his mental health struggles in his music.

Waye said he wished that people knew more about the challenges of mental health.

“What I wish they knew is that it’s real,” he said. “That it’s real. There is no bar to measure how real. It’s real.”

News Source: Blavity // Reporter Credit by:  Rashad Grove

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