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6’5 Basketball Athlete and Pro Prospect Joshua K. Willis Is On The To Rise To Stardom | WATCH

Joshua Kareem Willis is an American basketball player that weights 230 and height 6’5. Joshua K. Willis also plays the point guard position and by being the height 6’5 he is considered being a tall guard. The comparisons Josh have in basketball is likely Michael Carter-Williams, D’Angelo Russell, Lonzo Ball and even Kevin Durant.

Joshua K. Willis is Born on the Westside of Chicago, IL on December 4th 2001.

Seven 7️⃣ The Meaning Behind Seven Is Because It’s Gods Favorite Number And Also My Jersey Number


SM- What’s going Joshua, what have you been promoting lately?
I Want To Promote Me As An Athlete To Gain More Exposure And Also For Others To Hear My Story Because Maybe They Have Taken The Same Road I Am.
SM- What is the inspiration behind what you do?
My Inspiration Is Basketball And I Do It Because I Love The Game I Grew Up In A Sports Family House Hold And Starting Playing And Taking It Very Serious When I Was 12 Or 13.
SM- Why is basketball so valuable to you? And why now?
It’s Valuable To Me Because I Always Wanted To Go To The NBA And Make Myself Proud And My Family Proud And Now Is The Same thing And I Also Want To Change A lot From The Struggles That I Have Been Through With Me And My Family.
SM- What’s something unique that separates you from other athletes?
What Separate Me From Others With Basketball I’m Considered A Tall Guard I’m 6’5 Weight 230 And I Can Shoot And Shoot From The Logo I Have Long Shooting Ability Range And Can Handle And Protect The Ball Very Well And The Best Part Make My Team And Teammates Better.
SM- Who was apart of your basketball journey that contributed to your success?
My Family Was Apart Of Everything They Always Told Me To Never Let Up Only Keep Going Stay Strong And My Time Will Come.
SM- How was the love of your basketball game put together?
Everything Was Put Together With My Family From Growing Up With My Cousins Playing Basketball Me Watching Them Most Of The Time Made Me Want To Join Them And I Kept Getting Better At My Game Overtime And The Years.
SM- What message are you hoping to get across to the people by doing what you do?
Never Let Up What Ever Is Your Vision Keep Going Only You See Your Vision And Know Your Goals And Work Behind It And Always Keep God First.
SM- What are some other things people can expect from you in the near future?
A Better Person, A Better Athlete And Different.
SM – What is the next big move or news you can tell us about?
I’m Also Becoming A Overseas Basketball Soon And Waiting To Get Signed To A Team But Once I Get Signed My Plan Is To Play Overseas Ball Then Go To The NBA And Help My Family And Others And Be The Best Human Being I Can Be And Inspiring.
[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RcXzcbhnH0[/embedyt]

Keep up with Joshua K. Willis on his Instagram Page @joshuakwillis7

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