Driver Who Allegedly Hit & Killed Nicki Minaj’s Father Turns Himself In

Authorities used surveillance footage to help them track down the elderly driver….

A few days ago the sad news that Nicki Minaj lost her father, Robert Maraj after he was killed in a hit-and-run incident and though the culprit had sped away before police could arrive on the scene, the driver has now been taken into custody.

Page Six is reporting that yesterday (February 17), Charles Polevich turned himself into police after a few days on the lam. According to court papers the 70-year-old Polevich was driving his white 1992 Volvo driving northbound on Roslyn Road when he struck Maraj with his car last Friday (February 12). After realizing what had just happened, Polevich got out of his car to check on Nicki’s dad and asked if he was okay but instead of dialing 911 or calling for an ambulance, he took off and left Robert Maraj to fend for himself.

After being taken to a local hospital to treat his injuries, Robert Maraj passed away.

Though Polevich tried to avoid capture and hide his vehicle, authorities used surveillance footage to identify his ’92 Volvo and identify him.

“We were able to track that vehicle prior to the accident as well as after the accident and tracked it right to his house,” Nassau County Police Detective Lt. Stephen Fitzpatrick told the Post, adding that the car was hidden in Polevich’s garage.

Authorities say that had Charles not fled the scene of the incident he probably would’ve gotten off with an “auto accident” without any criminal charges filed. But being that he bounces, investigators won’t know whether or not Polevich was under the influence at the time of the accident.

Polevich, who reporteldy lives in Guam but has a crib in Mineola was arraigned in Nassau County District Court, and was released on $250,000 bond. He’s been charged with leaving the scene of an incident causing death and tampering with physical evidence.

Prayers up for Nicki and her family as we know this must be a hard time for them.

Source: BlackAmericaWeb

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