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Beyonce’ Becomes Grammy’s Most Decorated Female Artist

Beyonce’ became the most awarded woman in Grammys history Sunday night, when she received her 28th trophy for winning in the Best R&B Performance category for her 2020 single “Black Parade” during the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards.

“I wanted to uplift, encourage, and celebrate all of the beautiful Black queens and kings that continue to inspire me and inspire the whole world,” she said. “This is so overwhelming. I’ve been working my whole life since 9 years old. I can’t believe this happened. This is such a magical night. Thank you so much.”

Representing Houston, Bey and Megan Thee Stallion both had a big night at the Grammys, winning Best New Artist, Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song for her hit track “Savage Remix” featuring Beyoncé.

The two stepped to the stage to accept the awards and while there had a touching moment where Megan told Beyoncé how much of a fan she’s always been.

“Thank you to Beyoncé. If you know me, you have to know that, ever since I was little, I was like, you know what, one day I’m going to grow up and be like the rap Beyoncé,” an overwhelmed Megan said.

Beyoncé then expressed her gratitude to Megan.

“I have so much respect for you, and I’m honored that you asked me to be on the song,” she stated.

Her 9-year-old daughter Blue Ivy Carter also took a Grammy, winning the prestigious trophy in the Best Music Video category for Beyoncé’s “Brown Skin Girl” video. She’s the second youngest artist to win a Grammy.

Source: BET

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