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Rick Ross And Telehealth Company JetDoc To Provide Free Doctor Visits For Georgians

“With a free doctor visit – we hope our mission to give the gift of health will be contagious,” said JetDoc Founder & CEO Tommy Duncan.

Mogul and rapper Rick Ross is furthering his efforts to cultivate equity when it comes to healthcare affordability and accessibility. According to AfroTech, the music artist—whose real name is William Leonard Roberts II—has teamed up with the Black-owned telehealth company JetDoc for the creation of an initiative that will provide $1 million in free doctor visits for Georgia residents.

The racial disparities surrounding healthcare is a longstanding issue within the Peach State that has been exacerbated by the pandemic. The Telegraphreported Black communities within Georgia experience health crises at significantly higher rates than other ethnicities and races. Further research revealed African Americans account for 61 percent of Georgia’s uninsured population. Aware of the urgent need for telehealth appointments, JetDoc Founder & CEO Tommy Duncan joined forces with Roberts to unveil an initiative that will level the playing field. Through the JetDoc platform individuals without insurance can digitally seek care from board-certified healthcare professionals. Jetdoc offers low prices for consultations and discounts of up to 85 percent off prescriptions.

“Today brings an important milestone for Jetdoc and more importantly Georgians,” Duncan said in a statement. “We truly believe healthcare is a lifestyle, so we spent the past year breaking down every possible barrier to provide our users immediate access to a diverse network of doctors, dentists, ob-gyns and more. With a free doctor visit – we hope our mission to Give the Gift of Health will be contagious, so we look forward to serving our communities across the state.”

Ever since JetDoc was launched, Roberts has been using his platform to amplify its mission of ensuring that individuals have access to adequate health-related resources. He says his personal experiences inspired him to support the platform that is changing the landscape of telehealth. “I’d make excuses and prioritize my healthcare second to my hustle,” he said. “Jetdoc is a convenient and affordable alternative to going into a doctor’s office. To me, it’s really the future of healthcare. I wanted to be a part of empowering people to take control of their health regardless of their circumstances. Jetdoc puts the power of managing our health into our own hands.”

Source: NewsOne

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