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Anderson Alley – “High On Fashion”


There are very few arts that come along and have a rarity that can be unmatched. Anderson Alley has reinvented his sound gaining a new audience from his content to his songwriting. Previously an implied country musician, Anderson is back to tell his truth and address the naysayers of society and self-image with new video “High On Fashion.” Check it out & let me know what you think, I would love to get some press on this visual as well as your feedback.

From barrels of the country to a new found sound, Anderson Alley is creating a new lane of alternative RnB with an influence of hip-hop with new video “High On Fashion.” Filmed on a set, the one angle scene forces you to focus on Anderson and his various perspectives of fashion while conveying a strong social message about the pressures of fitting in. From the ego to self-image, Anderson demonstrates the layers of what many do for acceptance in this visual. Sending a strong message to his fans and the world, High on Fashion is just one of the many levels for the songwriter & musician.

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