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Zayzayy, A Different Breed Of Artist

So far, in minimal months of rapping, he has seen success which speaks to his abilities as a emcee. Ever since he landed his breakout hit 9 months “Lottery” which sits at 161k views on YouTube, he has been making waves in the industry.His story speaks to not only his strength as a person but the strength that cultivate in every African American leader in the history of the world. Passionate, hunger, motivational, intelligent, diligent, and inspiring can describe Zayzayy.

With a spirit similar to the late Nipsey Hussle and a sound that unique to the industry, Zayzayy tracks are heartfelt trap tales about hood struggles and black excellence. He meets those two platforms ever so gracefully and in due time, he will be a household name in music! For now, we just had a quick conversation about his opinion, on hip hop currently.

He is a avid fan of the current era of hip hop, he “loves how it evolved, with modern technology. It allows more artists to be involved and creative. We live in the era of ultra creative hip hop and I love it.” Honestly, looking at it that way, I couldn’t agree more. From writing and a song making standpoint however, he takes reference from different eras.

Each eras had their different issues and views, I love to look at each one and pick something to write about. It helps me a lot.

Zayyzay on different eras and his writing style

Some artists who really influenced him are Tupac Shakur, Lil Wayne, Young Thug, and Nipsey Hussle. We are both avid Nipsey fans for his black empowerment, knowledge, and wisdom. The emphasis on social issues and his messages of bringing change inspire us both. Us being close in age, literally grew up during the age when Lil Wayne was dropping groundbreaking music so we share a love for Weezy F Baby. We dig the style of Young thug, it’s crazy that we both like some of the same artists.

He has a goal of being one of the greatest artist in the world within the next five year. His style is to Deliever Tupac related message and story telling with the swagger of Young Thug. A unique and wonderful perspective in which I think he has the tools to do so. Call Zayyzay a different and amazing breed of artist.

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