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VP Kamala Harris calls 14-year-old teen Tyler Gordon to thank him for making her sketch.

A teenager from San Francisco made a beautiful painting of Kamala Harris and shared it on Twitter. The US Senator called him to thank him for it herself.

It is a big day for Tyler Gordon as Kamala Harris called the 14-year-old boy from San Francisco to thank him for the beautiful painting that he made of her. Tyler posted the painting on Twitter and requested people to retweet it so that Kamala Harris might notice. Guess what? She did and also called Tyler to applaud him for his skills.

In a short clip on Twitter, Tyler Gordon was seen painting a sketch of Kamala Harris as he stationed himself with his canvas board at a picturesque location. The portrait turned out to be lovely as Tyler posed beside it in one of the shots in the video.

“@KamalaHarris My name is Tyler Gordon and I’m 14 years old and I live in the Bay Area! I painted this picture of you and I hope you like it!!! Please Rt and tag her so that she can see this. Please,” Tyler Gordon said in a post on Twitter.

On Thursday, an excited Tyler posted a short clip of his conversation with Kamala Harris over the phone.

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