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[Video] Trey Davidson – Work + Mp3

Treyy Davidson born out of the Mid-West US has yet to reach his peak. This 23 year old mastermind has set his mind to the music game for the last 8 years. Raised in St. Louis, Mo. Treyy Davidson always loved music, but as he grew, he continued to feel the need to listen, learn and find a nitch in music. That is when he decided to write and rap. Honing his skillz and telling tales about the streets, Treyy began to produce his own music. Today Treyy performs for his growing fan base. Versatile creativity is what you get from the music and a story line from the streets. Check out TREYY DAVIDSON!!!

Click [HERE] To Download

Connect w/ Trey Davidson:
Social Media
Instagram: http://instagram.com/TreyyDavidson
Twitter: http://twitter.com/treydavidson314
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StarfaceGOV

Website: www.treyydavidson.com

Booking Email:
ngl.richardson@gmail.com & acburgess61@gmail.com
A&R: Stanley Knox

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