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VA Family Returns Nearly a Million Dollars Found in the Middle of the Road

A family in Virginia had the great fortune of stumbling upon nearly a million dollars in cash sitting in the middle of the road. The Schantz family hit the two stuffed bags while out on Saturday afternoon. They suspected they were someone’s trash bags left in the middle of the road and decided to throw them in their pickup truck to properly dispose of them later.

But when the family looked inside the bag after getting home, they found cold-hard cash. “Inside of the bag, there were plastic baggies and they were addressed with something that said ‘cash vault,’” said Emily Schantz. They quickly called the local deputies and alerted them of their discovery. “They came back to Caroline, and found out they’d been riding around with almost a million dollars in the truck,” said Maj. Scott Poser. “For someone so honest and willing to give that almost a million dollars back, it’s exceptional on their part,” he said.

Emily Schantz said that returning the money was the right thing to do “because it didn’t belong to us.”


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