TyTooFly New Single “How” Is A Must Check Out

TyTooFly is a worldwide Hip Hop artist. Although he was born in Brooklyn New York he was raised in Fayetteville North Carolina. This young gifted star is definitely way ahead of his time. At only 15 years old, he managed to make a hit single, grow a supportive fan base and maintains getting booked at large arenas, landing great private events and shows. TyTooFly has always been a fan of Hip-Hop music. After losing his cousin a few years back, he decided to begin song writing and going full force with his career. This was his way of releasing his anger he had stored inside and share his story with other people. NBA Young Boy, Lil Baby and Famous Dex are a few of his biggest influencers.

While creating music TyTooFly takes his time and listens to the beat numerous times before he starts writing to anything. His goal is to deliver his music everyone can relate to. His ability to create catchy hooks and dope verses are incredible. The new single he released titled “How” is fire! On this track he raps about being unstoppable, haters never being able to top what he does, fake friends chillin with the opps, people trying to be around his success in vain, losing love ones, the reasons why he decided to become a rap artist and display his talent. It is highly recommended from the pioneers in the rap game to give this exclusive new single a listen. Add it to your playlist, it will not disappoint.


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