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Trillest Entertainment CEO Shares Insight On How His Company Leveled Up During The Quarantine

Trillest Entertainment has been killing it during the pandemic. As a premiere digital music promotions company, they have created opportunities for artists to take their careers to the next level. They are one of, if not the, biggest digital music promotion companies in the industry working with 10,000+ artists annually. Trillest Entertainment is the only music promotion company that can get artists placements on 250+ major media outlets and 50+ Spotify playlists, but they do much more than that. They get artists’ shows, connect them with managers and major artists, shop their music for record deals, etc.
When asked about the company and how it came about, CEO and owner Anthony gave some great insight of Trillest Ent.
“My company is entirely digital which allows me to live and work anywhere in the world. I have been able to travel to several different countries and experience new places and cultures. This is the best way to live life and I encourage everyone to do the same”. My company specializes in digital music promotion and marketing for hip hop artists. We have been in business 10+ years working with thousands of artists annually all around the world getting their music featured on the top major media outlets and playlists. We do just about everything. If someone requests it, we find a way to make it happen.”
As someone who has a a strong love for Hip-Hop and digital media, he realized that bridging the two would allow him to make money and influence the culture. By doing this he and his team are able to fill the needs of artists and creatives looking to monetize their talent. There are so many artists lacking direction and guidance in the music business. Trillest Ent is changing this narrative by making sure artists voices are heard in front of fans worldwide.
When asked about how Trillest Ent has been able to find success during the quarantine, Anthony stated “While most businesses have been forced to close, our business is booming, as are most digital businesses. It’s more like a new world order where everything has shifted completely online. They want people to change how they think and function. There is no going back to the old normal and what we once knew, this is the new life for the near future.” He went on to further explain that their business has been prospering for the last few years as a result of consistent increase in clients and residuals. When you grow, expand and and build organic relationships it is easy to find success in this industry. That seems to be the story of this company’s come up.
Having worked with the likes of mainstream acts such as Jadakiss, Dave East, The Game, Fetty Wap, Styles P and Fat Joe, they have proven that their services and resources are legit. In a youtube video you can hear Styles P shouting out Trillest Ent. for the work they do to help artists gain more exposure in the industry. Check it out below.

With the upcoming years just months away, having a plan for the future is super important. Outside of digital marketing, Anthony has plans on launching a clothing line, and digital magazine in 2021. Creating several streams of income is the key to becoming a millionaire. Anthony is well on his way to creating generational wealth for him and his family. He feels like by creating his own own magazine and clothing line will help him take the Trillest brand to the next level. An example he gave of his plans to level up is what they did with the “Cookies” brand. He exclaims “Berner turned “Cookies” into a $1 billion dollar empire. I have much love and respect for him. I’m gonna keep building, growing, and networking. There is always room for growth and improvement no matter how big you are.”
Tap in with one of the hottest music digital marketing company’s in the US by visiting their official website here. Also stay up to date with the latest artist campaign they are working on by following them on social media @trillestent.


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