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South West Hip Hop Artist Dre GainezZ Shows That He Can “Grind The Best”

South West Hip hop has a feel and and a vibe like no other. Three time Underground Music Awards nominated South West Hip hop artist Dre GainezZ’ newest release Project-REPLAY will be officially released on June 7th. The song “Grind The Best” is the lead track with other tracks that gained buzz locally or regionally in a test market.  Dre has taken the connections and knowledge he’s acquired over the years and is introducing these tracks to a global audience. This is the first step for building Autopilot Records. 
Dre was part of the push to legalize medical cannabis in Oklahoma. Currently, he is Senior Sales Director for the Oklahoma Cannabis Expo. The medical benefits of cannabis are proven. Cannabis will be legal in all states soon.  Music and cannabis have long been intertwined so a partnership brings both to another level. Dre’s momentum is picking up speed. He’s in motion, catch up!

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