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A New Orleans high school student got accepted into more than 141 colleges and received more than $5 million in scholarship offers, Black Enterprise reports. 

Jada Brown is a graduating senior at the International High School of New Orleans. Throughout her time in school, she has continued to excel academically. When it was time to apply for colleges, she continued the winning streak. Brown got accepted to more than 141 colleges and universities and received more than $5 million in scholarship offers, the most money offered to any high school student in the country this year.

“I’m very happy, blessed, thankful. I was a little overwhelmed, but now I’m good,” Brown said.

The 18-year-old said she didn’t even know that there were that many colleges to choose from, as she struggled to keep up with her incessant acceptance letters. She recently visited with Senator Bill Cassidy, who publicly acknowledged Brown’s remarkable achievement.

“Great to visit the International High School of New Orleans and chat with Jada Jerrelle Brown, who received over 141 college offers. She is a future leader for her community and has made Louisiana proud,” Cassidy wrote.

The teen has chosen to attend Louisiana State University, pursuing a dental career. She hopes others look at her story as an example of what’s possible when you follow your dreams and push past any obstacles.

“Never give up. Never let anybody’s opinions on you dictate your life. So don’t let anyone’s opinions control what you do in life; just do it for you. This is your life. Live it and don’t give up,” Brown said.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Black Enterprise

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