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Rock Dillon – 100x

Memphis, Tennessee native Jamie Brice aka Rock Dillion may be one of the last great emcees left in the music biz. Rock’s lyrical style plays with metaphor like the OG southern rappers that inspired his career, but he also jumps out of classic rhyme scheme to cook up the simple catchy hooks that anchor his club bangers.

Before making a mark on the music scene for his own unique delivery, Rock was originally working promo for his family rap group “Da Volunteers.” The death of his sister and matriarch of the family in 2002 rocked the group, prompting two members to leave the quartet. Rock filled the gap by transitioning from behind the music to front man, adding the vocal tone and bars the group needed to gain local hype for their anthem “What’s Your Favorite Color?” –an ode to their Memphis neighborhood Orange Mound.

The single hit the radio circuit and grabbed the ears of Southern hip-hop duo 8 Ball and MJG, who signed “Da Volunteers” to their label 8 Ways Entertainment.

Rock’s success with MJG and 8 Ball led him to Atlanta, where he independently released a series of critically acclaimed mix tapes titled “Dirty Money Hustle” under the direction of powerful music mogul, Johnnie Cabbelle. His single “I Got Mo” was picked up by MTV Jams in 2014, solidifying Rock’s place in the raw, unfiltered, motivational rap music genre.

Rock’s 2017 singles “VIP” and “100xs” bounce with the same vigor as his first releases, inspired by the spirit of hustle while setting the perfect vibe for heavy club rotation.

His new album “Underground Millionaire” is set to be released Fall of 2018 under Go-Life Muzik

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