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Riplay Music Group Releases Their New Single “Youngest In The City”

Riplay is an amazing talented R&B / Pop music group rising out of Baltimore, Maryland. “Ki”, “Shaye”, and “Lay” are the three girl who make up the group. Each of them bring a different creative element of music to the table. Their buzz has been growing crazy online within the last year. Almost every video dropped by this incredible outstanding group, gets at least 10,000 views and better. This is one of the main reason their songs has been on the radio in rotation from the DMV, all the way to NYC.

Riplay first video “Strange” ft. Lil Key, released under Def Jam helped them to accumulate a loyal supportive fan base and gain lots of attention from different media outlets. It went viral last year, receiving over a million views. The success from this body of work, inspired Riplay to release their single “Status”. Now they get booked to perform at numerous venues in their local city and throughout the rest of the Tri-State area. Riplay has been working closely with CEO/Principal Melvin Watson of Phantom Boyz Music, along with Tracie Anderson their publicist and manager who’s responsible for getting them a lot of media attention.

From the looks of things, Riplay is definitely the music group that the game has been missing. I highly recommend you all go check out their latest single “The Youngest In The City”, where you can find them singing about swerving in the hottest foreign whips, living the life of a star, fans dabbing to their music, stuntin in the most expensive jewelry, and being the youngest in the game to do it big.

Instagram: @officialriplay
Twitter: @officialriplay
YouTube: @officialriplay

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